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Resources to Improve Access to Healthy Food

In 2015, we received a $1.5 million award from the CDFI Fund to help increase access to healthy foods in low-income communities, where families are often burdened with poorer health outcomes in part because fresh fruits, vegetables and other unprocessed foods are not easily accessible to them. One aspect of our program is to provide financing to supermarkets and smaller healthy food retailers entering these communities.

Beyond lending, in 2017 we funded three market studies in Bridgeport and Hartford, two of Connecticut largest cities, to assess the viability of locations for potential supermarkets and healthy food retailers, including creative options such as pop-up markets. These studies are critical for attracting and increasing healthy food ventures to areas where they have not been available in the past. In the coming years, we will look to continue to invest in both projects and research that lead to more healthy food access across our region.

For more information about this resource, contact Greg Maher, our Executive Director, at 914-909-4498 or

Faith-Based Research: Using Land for the Common Good

In 2015, we pioneered a study to identify examples and best practices for how religious communities could use planning and partnerships to repurpose their buildings for mission-driven mixed-use development, adaptive reuse, and land conversation. Below are our findings from this exploration. We encourage our investors and their peers to read our study and to consider the examples we highlight, and to reach out to us if interested in replicating them on their own properties.

We expect to continue our information-gathering on this topic, and plan to share any findings we have in the hope they offer faith-based organizations opportunities to discover new expressions of their mission and ministry within their land and buildings.

We offer a special word of thanks to the Westchester Community Foundation for encouraging this work and for providing financial support to carry out our research.