Come join us, and put your resources to work assisting families and individuals in need.

Organizations and individuals invest in the Leviticus Fund because they want to know their resources are being used to improve the quality of life in the region where they live and work while also generating a financial return on their investment. To offer this double-bottom-line benefit, we rely on our expertise in lending in low-income areas and the capacity-building support we offer our nonprofit borrowers, which ensures the projects we finance both benefit their communities and achieve financial sustainability. Our loans have a record of performance that competes with conventional lenders, and we support projects that improve families and communities in the process.

We offer these investment opportunities to both organizations and individuals.


Our members have typically been religious communities, churches, faith-affiliated organizations (e.g., healthcare systems and universities) and nonprofit organizations, but any tax-exempt nonprofit can become a Leviticus member.

To become a member, a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization makes at least a $5,000 subvention loan to Leviticus for a period of at least five years and receives a fixed interest payment each year. Our members gather each year to elect our Board and approve any changes to our organizational documents. They put their capital directly at work to further their values on the ground, in communities on the margins and serving individuals and families in need. Our members guide our mission and represent the social justice values that inspired our founders.

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Any corporation can become an Associate and this group of investors includes religious orders, faith-based organizations, nonprofits and health care systems.  An Associate investor must invest a minimum of $1,000 for at least one year and receives 2% interest paid annually.

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We seek to make it as easy as possible for individual investors to align their values and capital with our mission.  Individuals may invest in Leviticus by making a loan as small as $1,000 for a one year term that pays a fixed interest payment each year.

Individual investors are required to review our Offering Memorandum which provides financial and organizational management information about Leviticus and the risks inherent in a community development investment.

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If you would like to explore investing in Leviticus, please contact us at


Some Investor Profiles

The Salesians of Don Bosco, Province of St. Philip the Apostle
Leviticus Member Investor

Service to young people, especially those who are poor and at risk, has been at the very heart of the mission of the  Salesian Society since the institution was founded by Saint John Bosco, an Italian Catholic priest popularly known as Don Bosco.

Don Bosco began his work in Turin, Italy, in the mid-1800s by helping poor boys and young men who had descended on the city in search of work and had little education and no place to live. Today, the Salesians number about 28,000 priests, brothers, sisters and novices who work in over 130 countries. Education remains of paramount importance to help break the cycle of poverty, and globally the Salesians work directly in more than 5,500 schools and youth centers, in more than 80 colleges and universities, nearly 1,000 vocational, pre-professional and training programs, over 40 agricultural educational programs and nearly 90 adult educational centers.

As an example of its commitment to youth and leadership development, the Salesians this summer sponsored a panel discussion on “Youth Aspirations & Climate Urgency” during the United Nations High Level Political Forum in New York. The annual forum evaluates global progress on sustainable development goals, and four young people – all from Salesian-sponsored ministries in Papua New Guinea, Panama, Ghana and Germany – were the panelists discussing the threat from rising sea levels.

Leviticus is pleased to welcome the Province of St. Philip the Apostle—the Salesians’ Province for Canada and the Eastern United States, headquartered in New Rochelle, New York—as our newest investor.

“When we did our due diligence, it wasn’t a hard decision to invest with the Leviticus Fund. Their housing projects were very appealing, and it was easy to see that their investments were in line with the mission of the Salesians. It was also easy to see that other religious orders that are similar to ours had invested, and that the amount requested was reasonable for most religious orders looking for some kind of social investment.”

Rev. Timothy Zak
Provincial, Canada and Eastern USA
The Salesians of Don Bosco


New York Quarterly Meeting
Leviticus Associate Investor

New York Quarterly Meeting is steeped in the worship tradition of the Religious Society of Friends and also guided by Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship in its social activism.

Members are drawn from monthly worship groups within six distinct neighborhoods in New York City, including the oldest meeting house in Flushing, Queens. The quarterly meeting is the space for collaboration on shared business like investment decisions and social witness. Prison reform, anti-fracking in New York State, rights of Native Americans and climate change are paramount concerns, as is the growing scarcity of affordable housing in New York City.

Our tri-state footprint and consistently strong financial and social impact performance motivated New York Quarterly Meeting to become an Associate investor with Leviticus, joining with over 120 faith-based organizations to use their financial assets for projects within underserved communities.

Our investments are screened for social criteria to be consistent with Quaker values. We have invested with some of the biggest national CDFIs, but Leviticus won the prize for being the most locally focused for New York City. Members of the group felt comfortable investing with Leviticus because it was really creating new affordable housing in the New York metro area and was most consistent with putting our money to work in the communities where we live.”

Diane Keefe 
Member Investment Sub-Committee 
New York Quarterly Meeting Trustees