The Metro – Kingston, NY

$1,900,000 acquisition loan – 70,000 SF commercial space RUPCO has long been a leading provider of affordable housing in Kingston and across New York’s Hudson Valley. Recently, RUPCO decided to expand its focus, developing a creative placemaking strategy to link housing to economic development. Leviticus partnered with NeighborWorks Capital to provide $1.9 million in acquisition financing, […]

Cityscape VI – Hartford, CT

$2,000,000 construction loan – 22 scattered-site housing units created A partnership including a hospital, children’s medical center, and college, Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (SINA) was early in recognizing the impact of stable housing on health. In the last five years, SINA has built and sold 30 units of affordable, healthy housing options for homeowners and renters in South […]

Halifax Mobile Home Estates
– Halifax, MA

$2,975,100 acquisition loan – 430 stabilized senior homes For 40 years, the residents’ association at Halifax Estate has ensured its 700 largely low-income seniors have access to amenities, support and services, and strong social bonds in their community. In October 2017, the board led its residents to another improvement: collective, independent ownership. With over $9 […]

Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory – Poughkeepsie, NY

$500,000 mini-permanent loan – 15 affordable housing units, 6,900 SF commercial/community space Built in 1874, the Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory sat vacant for years, at once serving as a symbol of Poughkeepsie’s rich history of production and its economic decline. Hudson River Housing has given new life to this historic building by accessing low-cost financing that […]

BelovED Community Charter School – Jersey City, NJ

$364,000 acquisition loan – 480 students served “Our approach has been very successful. Across the state, we are number one in our peer group for student learning growth, and we are in the 98th percentile among all New Jersey public schools. Every year, we add a new grade, which allows us to take more low-income […]

Chemung Crossing – Elmira, NY

$1,350,804 predevelopment loan – 45 rental/supportive housing units, 3880 SF commercial space “The City of Elmira chose us to work with them on their South Main Street corridor because they saw a real need for quality affordable housing and neighborhood-based infill development. South Main needs help, but it also has some assets and a great […]

3500 Park Avenue – Bronx, NY

$3,279,130 acquisition loan – 115 rental/supportive housing units “3500 Park Avenue is our biggest project yet. It will be a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient building, and it will provide 46 affordable units to low-income families and seniors, along with 69 furnished studio apartments to homeless veterans, homeless seniors with disabilities, and chronically homeless adults with mental illness. […]